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Are you using Search Console Reports in GA?

Most webmasters are familiar with Google’s best data gathering tools by now.  AdWords, Google Analytics, and DoubleClick are all nearly universally used.  However, there’s a powerful tool often left out: Google Search Console.

Anyone focused on digital marketing can benefit from the information generated by GSC.   It was also recently linked to Google Analytics so the reports you already see will have more accurate data, as long as GSC is connected to your Analytics account.

Once your account is connected, you’ll immediately see benefits like the ones listed below.  Simply look in your Acquisitions menu for the Search Console sub-menu to access all the new options.

No Need for Spreadsheets

Google used to provide full data by keyword, which made analyzing hits quick and easy.  However, it switched to fully secure searches in 2013, ending the flow of keyword data.  Online marketers that used GSC and/or Google Analytics would end up building custom spreadsheets from exported data.

Now, those reports you had to generate yourself come up automatically.  Clicks and conversion rate for each page can coexist side by side with no effort on your part.  Simply choose the Landing Pages option in your new Search Console sub-menu.  The entire table will be ready for your use, albeit without the keyword data that used to drive decisions.

analyticsdevs - google search report

Increased Organic Query Data

Organic clicks are free, so ideally, all your landing pages will have a lot of organic clicks rather than purchased clicks.  It was difficult to separate PPC from organic traffic before, but the new GSC options should be a huge help.

Under the Queries option, you’ll find full organic information about each page, including total impressions and click through rate.  A low impression count suggests that your pages are lower in the search rankings and need improvements, while a low CTR suggests a snippet issue.

It’s also possible to measure where and on what device visitors are finding your site.  The new Device Category option shows organic query data filtered by device, where before you could only find total counts of visitors by device after they’d found your page, regardless of how they got there.  You could also use the Country option to find where your site is naturally doing well, allowing you to adjust both content and advertising as needed to target specific regions.

analyticsdevs - google search country

This information doesn’t fully replace the old keyword specific data, but it’s a start.  If your Analytics account is linked to GSC, these shiny new tools will streamline the process of analyzing your site and determining where you can improve organic traffic. You can always contact AnalyticsDevs if you need help with this integration or have Analytics and Google Search Console related questions. Happy tracking!

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