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Connect Google Data Studio with AdWords Manager Account

Many AdWords users are marketing consultants or agencies who end up handling more than one brand. These users need multiple AdWords accounts to separately manage all their campaigns. An AdWords manager account (MCC) allows these users to control multiple accounts at once, a powerful tool for users who need to juggle multiple ad campaigns.

AnalyticsDevs team can now connect AdWords MMC account with Data Studio to quickly generate reports and analyze data created when using AdWords, making multiple account management simpler and more efficient. This is done by creating a new data source in Data Studio and selecting the AdWords connector. The data can be manipulated by the MCC account holder from the “Manager Accounts” option.

analyticsdevs - data studio and AdWords MMC

The development team working on Data Studio recently upgraded their AdWords connector software. If you had already connected Data Studio to your MCC, you will need to edit your connection to use this upgrade. Two major new features were added by this update, both geared towards creating more specific reports based on sub-sections of their MCC.

  1. Data Studio now recognizes sub-accounts.
Prior to the update, Data Studio could only generate reports based on the entire data pool of an MCC. Users who connect Data Studio with their MCC can now select sub-accounts within their MCC and generate reports based purely on that segment of data. Selecting sub accounts is done when selecting a data source.
  2. Data can be filtered by currency.
Some MCC accounts use multiple currencies to pay for campaigns. This would create inaccurate reports on currency-based data such as cost per click (although data such as total impressions and/or click-through rate would remain accurate). With the enhancement, MCC data can be filtered by currency, allowing account holders to generate separate, accurate reports for each type of currency. This filter is also applied when creating a data source, this time with a pull down menu on the top right.


These powerful new tools should create more accurate reports for any MCC account holder.  Are you looking for professionally built AdWords dashboards? Learn more about how AnalyticsDevs can help to create custom dashboarding solution for your business. Enjoy your new streamlined data!

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