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Connect Google Data Studio with Google Search Console

Google provides several useful utilities for webmasters and online marketing gurus.  Many are familiar with Google Analytics and AdWords, but Google Search Console (GSC) often gets left behind despite being a great SEO resource.

GSC primarily shows its users information about visitors to their site and where their site is in search rankings through various metrics.  It gets left behind at times because this information is normally difficult to combine with data from other tools, requiring data dumps and manual reshuffling to generate reports across different data gathering tools.

Because of this issue, the Data Studio recently released a connector that allows its users to link the program with GSC. AnalyticsDevs team can help you to integrate and create professional Google Search Console dashboards and reports.

analyticsdevs - google search console

Once connected to your GSC account, Data Studio will compile the data generated by GSC along with data from any other connected sources into a single database.  This makes it simpler for Data Studio’s users to analyze incoming traffic.  Reports can be produced with just a few clicks, combining the PPC tracking of AdWords with the organic query tracking of GSC for a complete view of how the site attracts visitors.  This data can even be combined with data from Google Analytics to measure how the site itself does once visitors arrive, providing a complete view of how your site and its SEO performs.

Reports can be generated for an entire site or for a specific URL, and will include metrics like clicks and total impressions, but also can be further divided to display these metrics by device, country, or more using the data pulled from GSC.  These reports will help webmasters target specific audiences with new content or ad campaigns.

AnalyticsDevs team offers professional Google Data Studio dashboards for your business, including Google Search Console reports, which can help improve your site and draw new visitors.  Good luck!

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