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event tracking

Advanced Event Tracking

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Our Google certified developers will implement full GTM solution for your business! Improve your conversion rate by tracking user behavior on your website.

Service includes:

  • Navigation tracking

  • All CTA (call-to-action) tracking

  • All Form submission tracking

  • Social engagement tracking

  • Inbound/Outbound link tracking

  • Phone call tracking

  • Custom event report

online marketing

Advanced Online Marketing Tracking

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Track, test and optimize your ecommerce and online marketing! AnalyticsDevs will set up proper AdWords, Facebook, Bing and other service conversion tracking and remarketing pixels.

Service includes:

  • AdWords Conversion and Remarketing tracking

  • Facebook Conversion and Remarketing tracking

  • DoubleClick, Twitter, LinkedIn, Adroll and other 3rd party tracking

  • Custom scripts integration

user timings

Accurate Time On Site Tracking

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We offer more accurate user timing implementation via GTM. You can now track Visible and Hidden tab activity and user timings for all your pages.

Service includes:

  • Accurate User Timings for each page

  • Tab Visibility implementation

  • User Timing report

scroll tracking

Page Scroll Depth Tracking

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Are you interested in learning if your visitors scroll down to read your content or browse through all your items? We offer page scroll tracking implementation for all your pages.

Service includes:

  • Scroll analysis for all your pages

  • Google Analytics scroll tracking report

video tracking

Advanced Video Tracking

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Do you have any embed videos on your website? We offer advanced video action tracking, including watched length and pause actions.

Service includes:

  • YouTube and Vimeo embed video tracking

  • Video tracking report

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Interested in custom Analytics Dashboards?

We offer professional  Google Analytics and Google Data Studio dashboard implementation for your business.

Have questions about GTM?

Learn more about our GTM services, including:

  • Enhanced Ecommerce integration

  • A/B split testing integration

  • Full GA and GTM audit

  • Custom dataLayer implementation

  • Advanced KPI dashboards

  • Cross-domain tracking setup

  • And More