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How to personalize landing pages to match PPC ads using VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

How to personalize landing pages to match PPC ads using VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

Step by step guide on how to target specific PPC ads and show them relevant landing pages. Check out the full guide here:
Increase conversions by easily testing changes of your landing pages. No coding required to edit or publish.

Learn more at about AB testing, split testing, multivariate testing, personalization.

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VWO’s Personalization campaign allows you to modify your page and show it to a targeted group of users.

Today you will learn how to set one up to target specific PPC ads and show them relevant landing pages.

Here’s one of our landing pages which is great for ads focussed on AB testing.

But if someone clicks on an ad for Split testing tool then I would like the headline of this page to say ‘the world’s easiest Split testing tool’.

Lets get started. From your VWO dashboard click Create to start a new campaign. Click on Personalization.

Lets enter the URL that we are going to test. Click Next to open up the visual editor.

In the visual editor, Select the headline to change it.

Clicking on any element opens up the Tools Menu. Let’s click on ‘change text’.

Your changes will be saved in Variation 1. Control is always your original page.

Let’s set up a goal. Click on any button on your page and select Track Clicks.

The URL of the button is automatically picked up. Click Done.

Now we get to define the target traffic for our variation. We are going to do custom targeting on query parameters. To know more about Query Parameters check out our text guide.

For the first variation, click on All Visitors to access the drop-down menu and select Custom.
Select Custom in the new menu and click Add Condition.
Click on Current URL to access the drop-down menu and select Query Parameter.

The click URL for these Ads will be
show above url as title

Enter ‘vwo’ as the Query Parameter.

And its value as split

Click Next

Lets set up one more goal. Select ‘track engagement’ that will track every click on the page.

Click next to finalize your campaign.

I am going to name my campaign, Dynamic PPC. The heatmap is automatically enabled for both control and variation. The test will run on 100% of the traffic.

Click next.

The campaign is almost ready to go. I just need to install the VWO Code on my webpage.

You can send the VWO code directly to your developer and he can install it for you.

I will install the code myself. I just need to copy the code, go to the HTML of my webpage and paste it between the head tags.

Select ‘Check’ to make sure that the code is installed properly.

This is changing – so we have to rerecord visual here. the start button section will not be visible until we click ‘check’

Everything seems to be in place. Click Start Campaign.

Congratulations! You’ve setup a Personalization campaign!

Now I need to update the click URL for all split test ads in Adwords. Once that’s done all click from that ad will see the new variation.

You can keep a tab on your campaign by managing it under the Campaigns Tab. Access it anytime to track reports, change settings and much more.

I hope this video was helpful for you. Happy testing!

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