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New Google Analytics Settings Variable in GTM

Even with Google Analytics, tracking your website’s usage can quickly end up complicated, since it usually requires managing multiple tags on every single page. That’s why Google Tag Manager exists, but even with this tool it’s still a tricky juggling.

Most pages need a Universal Analytics pageview tag, and you’ll want to add event tags for many buttons and links to track how well your page achieves your goal. This all adds up to a huge challenge, especially if a few tags have the wrong tracking ID or you need to adjust any custom settings to keep everything synced. You might even need to re-write tags to update their settings to the latest changes.

Universal Analytics tags now support a new feature to help compensate: Google Analytics Settings Variables. These variables can be applied to any Universal Analytics tags used in a Web container, and also work with Mobile containers implemented in

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Using Google Analytics Settings Variables will simplify the process of creating new tags or modifying existing ones. Each tag can have a settings variable applied to it to set several settings at once. You’ll go from manually modifying individual settings on every tag to simply changing which variable is applied to your tags. You’ll also be prompted to apply whatever settings variable you’d like when creating a new tag.

There’s no cap on the number of settings variables you can have, allowing you to pre-set any settings combinations you regularly need. Individual tags can also be set to override individual settings that don’t apply with a simple checkbox.

This feature will appear in all UA tags, but existing tags will continue to function as they’re currently set. If you prefer not to use the new variables, simply check the override box and do not select a variable when creating or modifying a tag.

This addition enhances your workflow by allowing you to focus on measuring events rather than properly entering settings, especially when large numbers of tags use the same settings. You’ll also be able to leave settings to any professionals you may work with, saving time and reducing the chances of a mistake.

The hope is that this will leave you more confident when using GTM to set up GA, and make this process better for everyone. You can always reach out to AnalyticsDevs team if you have more questions!  Happy tagging!

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